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... : Ramji S, Quiñonez C (2010) Public preferences for government spending priorities. Conférence du centenaire de l’Association canadienne de santé publique (Toronto, Ontario) CANADA). Qu’est que le piètre ...
Vendredi, 29 Juillet 2011
... for health inequalities to sit alongside tackling climate change as one of society’s core priorities. Creating a sustainable future is, the review argues, compatible with action to reduce health inequalities: ...
Mardi, 16 Février 2010
3. Recipients of PHIRN 2012 Doctoral Research Awards
(PHIRN Newsletters/Spring/Summer/Fall 2012)
...  Michelle Firestone Mental health and substance misuse have been identified as top health priorities currently facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada, however accessible and culturally relevant population ...
Jeudi, 01 Novembre 2012
4. PHIRN Expert Directory
...  PHIRN Membership is also composed of two levels: Scientists- would be willing to lead a response to applied health questions and priorities identified by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term ...
Jeudi, 14 Juin 2012
... global priorities. Monitor progress and increase accountability to inform policies on social determinants of health. Develop and support strategies, programmes and action plans that address social ...
Mercredi, 30 Mai 2012
The Marmot Review 2012 Website: The Institute of Health Equity (IHE) has developed an approach to interventions to improve public health through the social determinants of ...
Jeudi, 10 Mai 2012
... priorities of public health stakeholders in Ontario. This program has five elements, each of which has associated services: Locally driven collaborative projects Ethics support Student education ...
Vendredi, 27 Avril 2012
8. PHIRN funded research 2010-11
(Building Capacity/PHIRN Funded Research)
... Abstract Labour Market Policies and Social Determinants of Health: A Review to Establish Priorities for Ontario Investigators: Dr. Carles Muntaner, Dr. Haejoo Chung & Dr. Ted Schrecker ...
Jeudi, 19 Avril 2012
9. PHIRN Doctoral Awards 2011 & 2012
(Building Capacity/PHIRN Fellows)
... among South Asian immigrants in Ontario Michelle Firestone Health priorities of diverse urban Aboriginal populations in Ontario Stephanie Montesanti Community participation in local health ...
Mardi, 17 Avril 2012
... and tailored interventions on the national priorities….” CONTENT Executive summary Introduction Chapter 1. The concept of environmental health inequalities A historic perspective Inequality ...
Mardi, 06 Mars 2012
11. PHIRN Awards 6 Doctoral Awards
(News|Events/Latest News)
... of Latin American immigrants to Canada Michelle Firestone (McMasterUniversity), studying the health priorities of diverse urban Aboriginal populations in Ontario Joanne Crawford (University of Toronto), ...
Mardi, 14 Février 2012
... scientific and methodological expertise to HPCDIP projects. Collaborate on the development of HPCDIP’s research agenda consistent with PHO’s overall strategic research priorities. Work with the Director, ...
Mardi, 20 Décembre 2011
... other global priorities. It will help to build momentum within WHO Member States for the development of dedicated national action plans and strategies. Process of development On 15 August 2011, the ...
Dimanche, 30 Octobre 2011
... equity in health systems governance 4. Global Action on Social Determinants: Aligning Priorities and Stakeholders aligning global stakeholders aligning global priorities 5. Monitoring Progress: ...
Lundi, 26 Septembre 2011
...  Actions for change Östlin. P. Schrecker, T. Sadana, R.  et al. (2009) Priorities for research on equity and health: Implications for global and national priority setting and the role ...
Mercredi, 21 Septembre 2011
16. Bibliography Academic Literature
(Scoping Review of the Population Health Equity/References)
... health bus: Healthcare for marginalized populations. Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice, 6(1), 30-38. Daiski, I. (2007). Perspectives of homeless people on their health and health needs priorities. ...
Mercredi, 21 Septembre 2011
17. References (for the Executive Summary, Methodological Approach & Discussion)
(Scoping Review of the Population Health Equity/References)
... R. et al. (2009). Priorities for research on equity and health: Implications for global and national priority setting and the role of WHO to take the health equity research agenda forward. Available via ...
Mercredi, 21 Septembre 2011
The University of Ottawa is holding on October 7 2011, a symposium on "Immigration, Dietary Acculturation and the Health of Neo-Canadians: State of knowledge, dynamics, and priorities in research". The ...
Mardi, 13 Septembre 2011
... public health priorities. When a module was selected as optional content by a given health region, it was asked of all respondents in the region. The optional content is selected from a long list of modules ...
Mercredi, 03 Août 2011
20. Health Inequities Research co-lead initiatives
(PHIRN Newsletters/Summer 2011)
... Ramji S, Quiñonez C (2010) Public preferences for government spending priorities. Canadian Public Health Association Centennial Meeting (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). What does poor access to dental care ...
Vendredi, 29 Juillet 2011
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