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The six National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health promote and improve the use of scientific research and other knowledge to strengthen public health practices and policies in Canada. They ...
Thursday, 05 May 2011
62. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, PhD
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... Long-term Care. She was recently awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chair in Health Human Resource Policy which is jointly funded by the federal ministry of Health Canada. ...
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
63. Aboriginal Canada Portal
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Your single window to First Nations, Métis and Inuit online resources and government programs and services.
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
64. CHNET-Works!
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... and actions on pressing community health issues. CHNET-Works! is a networking venue dedicated to bringing together community health professionals from across Canada - linking researchers, decision-makers ...
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
65. Nancy Edwards
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Nancy Edwards, Scientific Advisor,
66. Lynne MacLean
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Lynne MacLean, Research Advisor and É/Exchange Working Paper Series Editor,
67. Lisa Childs
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Lisa Childs, Administrator,
68. Ivy Bourgeault
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Ivy Bourgeault, Scientific Director,
69. Dot Bonnenfant
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Dot Bonnenfant, CHNET-Works! Animateur,
70. Corinne Packer
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Corinne Packer, Senior Manager,
... of residential dwellings and public buildings, building codes are an important means to enhance health.  To date, key proponents of changes to the building codes in Canada have come from the housing, ...
Abstract This paper explores the history of cyberspace and its use today by Aboriginal community research projects in Canada. It focuses on the free use of social media in cyberspace, the importance ...
The Canadian Public Health Association is a national, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary association representing public health in Canada with links to the international public health community. CPHA's ...