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webinars-population-health-canadaCHNET-Works! hosts weekly Fireside Chats — FREE pan-Canadian discussions for professionals in population health and stakeholder sectors. Participants join in by both telephone and internet. All Fireside Chats are the results of partnering with numerous organizations on national, provincial/territorial and local levels. Participants access Canada's 'experts' on various issues as well as network with their colleagues from across Canada … and beyond. No registration fees, No travel costs, No green house gas emissions.

CHNET-Works! hosts Fireside Chat with Senator Art Eggleton

February 17, 2012, CHNET-Works! hosted a Fireside Chat with Senator Art Eggleton, co-author of “In from the Margins: A call to action on poverty, housing and homelessness”, in conversation with Connie Clement, Scientific Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health.

In this Fireside chat, the conversation between the Senator and Ms Clement reviewed the overwhelming current, credible evidence and reports on the extent and cost poverty in Canada and explored the challenges inherent in moving robust evidence into action, the strategies and partnerships necessary to shift policy.

They and participants considered how public and community health professionals can help advance policy solutions based on existing evidence.

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Please visit the CHNET-Works website for more information on these fireside chats as well as many others that will be taking place in the upcoming months.

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