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Course on: Inequalities in Health and Health Care

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unil logoJune 11 to June 15, 2012
University of Geneva – Switzerland


The course is intended for PhD students and other researchers interested in the quantitative analysis of inequality and inequity in health and health care. It consists of five days of lectures and computing laboratory sessions on a number of topics related to the measurement and explanation of inequalities in health and health care.

Apart from providing a general introduction to the range of approaches available to researchers, it also provides practical guidance on various issues of computation. Illustrative examples draw on analyses conducted of OECD and developing countries.


  • To give students understanding of approaches to the measurement of health inequality and inequity employed in economics and other disciplines
  • To make students competent in the computation of health inequality measures using Stata
  • To motivate students to conduct their own research into health inequalities

Registration: Online until June 01, 2012

Prof. Eddy van Doorslaer (Erasmus University, Rotterdam),
Prof. Owen O’Donnell (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

Course structure

The course will consist of lectures, computing laboratories and completion of a data analysis exercise. Topics covered include:

  1. Economic approaches to measuring health inequality: concepts and definitions, concentration indices and curves, statistical inference, dominance, socioeconomic vs total inequality, inequality aversion, inequality of opportunity
  2. Decomposition of health inequalities
  3. Measurement and decomposition of horizontal inequity in health care
  4. Progressivity and redistributive effect of health financing
  5. Measurement of financial protection in health: catastrophic expenditure and impoverishment

Main bibliography

  • Wagstaff A and E van Doorslaer, Equity in health care finance and delivery,
    Chapter 34 of the North Holland Handbook of Health Economics (Edited by AJ Culyer and JP Newhouse) 2000.
  • O’Donnell, O, E van Doorslaer, A Wagstaff, M Lindelöw, Analyzing Health Equity using Household Survey Data:
    a Guide to Techniques and their Implementation, World Development Institute, World Bank, Washington DC, 2007. (ISBN: 0-8213-6933-4)
  • And relevant publications and recent Working Papers to be distributed at the course

For more information please contact: Mrs Dominique Actis-Datta, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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