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Doug Manuel - Population Health Interventions

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Population health modelling research

  • Methods development. Used by network researchers and their projects (e.g. Seven More Years report by PHO/ICES)
  • Model creation. (e.g. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease)
  • Novel KT/E. Tools for planners and general population (e.g. Life expectancy calculator)

Development of linked data and methods for population health research

  • Supporting new data linkages at ICES of pop health importance.
  • Developing new research infrastructure (e.g. creation of a multiple chronic disease database, monitoring outcomes population-wide interventions such as vaccines).
  • Planned population and public health program at ICES (inaugural meeting May 2012).

How to prevent 10% of new diabetes cases?

330,000 new cases of diabetes predicted to develop from 2012-2017.

  • High-risk individual strategy – 750,000 Ontarians adherent to preventive medications
  • Population community-wide strategy – reduce Ontarian's BMI by 3%.

Models further used to plan new diabetes strategies by PHO, MOHLTC, local PHUs.

Q: Over the next ten years, will cardiovascular disease in Ontario increase, decrease or level?

Answer: decrease

  • In 2017, obesity will overtake smoking as the #1 CVD risk.
  • Sodium added to CVD models by end of fiscal 2012.

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 Life Expectancy Calculator

Ontario's population can gain seven more years in life expectancy and have a better quality of life by living healthier lives.


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