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Housing and Health: New Immigrants

This study is a review of qualitative and quantitative studies on immigrant housing status, and its association with health and well-being. It found that recent Canadian policy changes have made housing less inaccessible for new immigrants with low incomes and this lack of affordable housing raised their risks of ill health. It discusses several options to reduce the housing-related health risks faced by new immigrants to Canada.1

A Rights-Based Approach to Housing and Poverty Reduction

In collaboration with the University of Ottawa's SSHRC Community-University Research Alliance Project "Reconceiving Human Rights Practice"2

  • Three technical papers reviewing the legal bases in human rights law for housing and poverty reduction policies in Canada and Ontario

Determinants of Rural Community Health

This pilot study characterizes rural communities, spatial determinants of health, and health outcomes in rural areas more precisely. It is an extension of the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study using innovative statistical and GIS techniques.3

Measuring Social Exclusion/Inclusion

In collaboration with HRSDC (Canada), this study reviewed English and French language literature on concepts, indicators and measures of social exclusion/inclusion, with recommended measures for Canadian use4

Food Security Studies

Theory for Food for All: Planning and implementing a knowledge translation theory in the development of a local community food policy – journal article.5

Youth Futures

  • Youth Futures is a complex population health intervention aimed at facilitating access to and furthering post secondary education for high-school students in Ottawa coming from 'at risk' backgrounds for social and health inequalities, including children from families with little or no post secondary experience.6
  • The implementation evaluation assesses whether the program reaches the intended population, if the process is being implemented as planned, if the content is applicable, and whether stakeholders are satisfied with the program – Evaluation report.6

Other PHIRN related publications

Labonté, R. Global Action on Social Determinants of Health. E/Exchange Working Paper Series, PHIRN, 2011.  pdfDownload report

Ruckert, A. and Labonté, R. "The Global Financial Crisis and Health Equity: Towards a Conceptual Framework," Critical Public Health, in press

Labonté, R. "Global action on social determinants of health," Journal of Public Health Policy, (2012) 0, 1–9. doi:10.1057/jphp.2011.61

Labonté, R. "Towards a post-Charter Health Promotion," Health Promotion International, 2011. 26(S2):1183-1186. [IF:1.544]


1Hadi, Abdullahel and Labonté, Ronald. Housing and Health of the Immigrants in Canada: A Narrative Review. Exchange Working Paper Series, Volume 2, Number 4. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. Available at

Commentary, Canadian Journal of Public Health (in preparation)

2Jackman, M (Faculty of Law), Porter, B. (Social Rights Advocacy Centre)

Two papers completed, a third in finalization, popular versions and briefing notes in finalization.

3Elizabeth Kristjansson, Mylene Riva, Michael Sawada, Jean-Michel Bilette, Katherine Russell, Amira Ali, Brian Schnarch, Ted Schrecker, Ron Labonte, David Hole, and other members of the ONS steering committee (CHRCs, City of Ottawa, United Way)

Final report and journal article in finalization

4Technical Report: Labonté, R., Hadi., A. and Kaufmann, X. Indicators of Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Critical and Comparative Analysis of the Literature, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2012

PHIRN Working Paper (in finalization)

5Analyzing food policies in Canada: an analysis & compendium and of Canadian food policies and food charters – report.

Associated products: Kristjansson, E.A.; et al Working with community to build food action plans for Ottawa. Oral presentation. Tenth International Conference on Urban Health ICUH – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil November 1-5, 2011.

Kristjansson, E.; et al (2011) Working with community to build food action plans for Ottawa. Oral Presentation to Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN). Building a Healthier Ontario. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. September 30, 2011.

6LOI submitted February 2012. : "Community Partnerships for Youth Futures: collaborative research and evaluation of a program to improve the educational and life chances of socio-economically disadvantaged youth" SSHRC Partnership grant

Associated publications: Accepted abstract: Kristjansson, E.; Takacs ,T.; Andrew, C. and Runnels, V. (2012) Community partnerships for Youth Futures: collaborative research and evaluation of a program to improve educational and life chances of socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Oral presentation. 4th International Conference of Community Psychology, Barcelona, Spain, 21-23 June 2012.

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