PHIRN: Population Health Improvement Research Network

PHIRN funded research 2010-11

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Unmet Need in Mental Health Care: Exploring Social Determinants Using Intersectionality

Investigators: Dr. John Cairney, Dr. Paul Kurdyak, Dr. Terrance Wade & Dr. David Streiner


  • Use this linked data to estimate the number of Ontarians who meet diagnostic criteria for one or more of the following - depression, anxiety, substance/alcohol abuse - but who did not seek care in the past 12 months from a health care professional.
  •  Identify high risk groups that may be more likely to have unmet need for mental health and addiction problems.

Addressing Mental Health Disparities Among Marginalized Groups: Learning from the Most Exceptional Innovators in our Community

Investigators: Dr. Sean Kidd & Dr. Kwame McKenzie


  • highlight innovative interventions and their mechanisms across a range of stigmatized groups
  • provide an effective process of knowledge transfer across several sectors.
  • provide exposure and recognition to key persons and groups driving innovation and transformation

CHNET-Works! Webinar - Dr. Sean Kidd

  • #215 Feb 25 2011 Addressing mental health disparities among marginalized groups: Learning from the most exceptional innovators in our community

Labour Market Policies and Social Determinants of Health: A Review to Establish Priorities for Ontario

Investigators: Dr. Carles Muntaner, Dr. Haejoo Chung & Dr. Ted Schrecker


  • Synthesize the best available evidence in support of using labour market policy
  • Investigate the potential to reduce health inequities by way of labour market

Pathways to Income Security and Health for Racialized Families

Investigators: Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi, Dr. Patricia Landolt, Ms. Lisa Brown & Ms Ruth Marie Wilson


  • identify the 'critical nodes' of inclusion/exclusion and empowerment/disempowerment in the everyday pathways, policies, and services available for racialized families to use in order to address the systematic barriers and discriminations they face in achieving income security and health for their families

CHNET-Works! Webinar - Dr. Yogendra Shakya

  • #230 May 19 2011 Racial Discrimination + Employment Insecurity = Poor Health
    How does this happen? What are different groups doing? What policies are needed? What can make a difference?

Promoting a Population Level Intervention to Enhance Participation in Physical Activity: The Role of Marketing and Peer Ambassadors

Investigators: Dr. Brenda Bruner & Dr. Lucie Levesque


  • Increase PA involvement among youth by increasing access to community recreation facilities.
  • Eliminate disparities in access to community-based PA and recreation opportunities. incomes.
  • Build youth capacity for PA and health promotion through participatory research.

CHNET-Works! - Dr. Brenda Bruner

  • # 212 Feb 4 2011 Promoting a Population Level Intervention to Enhance Participation in Physical Activity The Role of Marketing and Peer Ambassadors
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