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New Ontario study highlights habits that kill - CTV News

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317px-CTV News.svg-largeTue Apr. 03 2012 5:19:18 PM

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Researchers of the study Seven More years say a few changes can keep you away from an early grave.

 The study outlines the five worst habits and offers an on-line calculator which computes how long you'll last with the lifestyle your leading.

Ottawa resident Jennifer Bennett has added years to her life by dropping 100 pounds and changing her bad habits.

The research, headed by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Public Health Ontario shows some lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, poor eating choices and stress are killing Canadians.

More than half the deaths in the province are linked to these fivedeadly sins. Researchers say the combination can take more than seven years off your life.

Not only does the study suggest people will live longer, it says they'll live better. Healthier choices could mean a decade more without the chronic problems associated with old age.

But less than 2 per cent of Ontario residents are actually in the healthy category.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of the Beriatric Medical Institute says the key is to make basic changes you can keep up.

Trying all of a sudden to cook everything from scratch or hit the gym for an hour day won't last long for most people, says Freedhoff.

Freedhoff suggests starting slow with activities like walking 10 minutes each day.



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