PHIRN: Population Health Improvement Research Network

Recipients of PHIRN’s Emerging Researcher Awards

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Dr Colleen M DavisonDr. Colleen M. Davison is a Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Queen's University and the Kingston General Hospital. Her training is in social epidemiology, population health and education. She is a global health researcher concerned with health equity and the equity of population-level health interventions. Dr. Davison is currently studying equity and youth injury in Canada, as well as equity and health impact assessment in the mining sector in northern Canada and Mongolia. As part of her PHIRN Emerging Researcher Award, Dr. Davison will undertake a study titled:  Testing Equity-Analysis Methodologies in the Examination of Paediatric Injury Prevention Interventions in Ontario.




arne ruckert-Arne Ruckert is a Researcher and PHIRN fellow at the University of Ottawa's Institute of Population Health, working on health equity issues in the Globalization and Health Equity unit. His principal areas of research include the international financial institutions (IFIs), the international aid architecture, the financial crisis and health equity, especially in Ontario, and human rights-based approaches to development and health. Arne has worked as an independent consultant for various development organizations (such as the North-South Institute, CCIC, the Halifax Initiative), and is teaching development courses in the School of Political Studies and the School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS) at the University of Ottawa. Arne will undertake a study titled: Globalization, the Financial Crisis and New Challenges to Health Equity in Ontario.



Hai V NguyenHai V. Nguyen is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. Hai holds a PhD in Economics from Concordia University. An applied economist by training, he conducts empirical research into health-related behaviours, health outcomes, economic evaluation, and in particular, health policy analysis. His research areas of interest include smoking, obesity, and healthcare costs. His works have been published in the Forum in Health Economics and Policy and the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Apart from his academic research, Hai is also actively involved in policy consultancy, being the lead author or co-author of a number of technical policy reports submitted to the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada, Health Canada, and the Canadian Institute for Health Research. His current research projects include: (i) The effect of smoke free car ban adopted by Ontario and other Canadian provinces on children's second hand exposure (This project is supported by the PHIRN's Emerging Researcher Award); (ii) The effect of Canada's Children Fitness Tax Credit on children's physical activity, and (iii) The impact of Ontario's Bill 102 (i.e. the 2006 Transparent Drug System for Patients Act) on pharmaceutical expenditure.

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