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Urban Physical Environments and Health Inequalities: A Scoping Review of Interventions

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Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)

February 7, 2012

Available online PDF [89p.] at:

"......The first section of the report showcases a range of interventions and their respective characteristics, with a particular emphasis on the state of evaluation of the interventions found during our scoping efforts. In the second section, we introduce a framework that clarifies the components of an equity lens and look at how the concept of equity has been integrated into various interventions.

This framework will be useful to those who want to enrich their understanding of equity as a concept and to those who are interested in building equity into activities intended to improve health and urban physical environments........"

".....To distinguish among the ways that equity can be integrated, the report characterizes intervention activities according to five equity dimensions. Overall, results indicate that identifying and working with at-risk groups were the most common strategies for incorporating equity into urban physical environment interventions. Interventions that integrated equity considerations were most often related to communicating messages about health hazards in the physical environment and targeted at-risk groups through tailored programs and campaigns.

Fewer actions were related to addressing the determinants of health that influence capacity to act on information or to assessing equity outcomes and unintended consequences. In addition to describing intervention activities that address inequalities, the framework clarifies elements of an equity lens and can perhaps provide guidance for incorporating equity into future intervention planning and scoping reviews....."

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Scoping Method and Approach
Report Breakdown
How Can This Report Be Used?

Section 1: the Terrain

  • Identifying the Research Questions
  • Identifying and Selecting Interventions
  • Reporting the Findings
  • Evaluation and Outcome Measurement
  • Themes
  • Intervention Typology
  • Jurisdiction
  • Describing the Terrain: A Summary

Section 2: Applying an Equity Lens

  • Initial Findings: Equity and Populations of Interest
  • Refining the Lens
  • Refined Findings: Exploring Equity-Oriented Components
  • Addressing Determinants
  • At-Risk Groups
  • Equity Outcomes
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Community Engagement
  • Applying an Equity Lens: A Summary


Appendix A: Detailed Methodology and Process

Appendix B: Detailed Table of Intervention Sample

Appendix C: Detailed Table of Evaluated Interventions


Source: PAHO/WHO

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