PHIRN: Population Health Improvement Research Network

Figure 6a-b. Distribution of Type of Research in Academic/Grey Literature Ω

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2Ω This symbol denotes multiple coding

Figure 6b presents the types of research studies from grey literature included in this review. In contrast to what was found of the academic literature, policy-oriented research is predominant (46.5%) among the grey literature. The higher share of policy research captured in grey literature review could be due to the larger amount of policy and strategic reports published by federal, provincial or territorial government departments, research institutes and think tanks. This is followed by 38.6% explorative, experience-based research study, 24.6% literature reviews, and 25.4% epidemiological research. While 21.4% of the academic literature was on interventions and evaluation research, only 2.6% of the grey literature publications are on interventions and evaluation. Apart from a few exceptions, the majority of these intervention studies did not adopt the population health intervention approach that moves beyond the individual, disease-oriented, behaviour-change approach to address structural and systemic factors that operate within and outside of the health sectors. Articles in the category 'other' included 12.3% of the total.



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