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Figures 4a-b. First Author Affiliation First Author Affiliation of Academic/Grey Literature with Ontario Universities

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Figure 4a presents the first author's affiliation with specific Ontario Universities (n= 136) for the academic literature reviewed. The majority of the primary authors are affiliated with the University of Toronto (41.2%), followed by McMaster University (14.7%) and the University of Waterloo (11.8%). In contrast, relatively fewer authors are affiliated to the University of Western Ontario (6.6%), University of Ottawa (4.4%), Queen's University (4.4%), Ryerson University (3.7%), University of Windsor (3.7%) and York University (2.9%). Only approximately 5% of authors are affiliated with universities in the North.




The university affiliations of the first author of the grey literature are depicted in the figure 4b (n= 27). Again, the majority of the authors of grey literature are affiliated with the University of Toronto (44.4%) followed this time by Ryerson University (18.5%), and York University (11.1%) which is tied with McMaster University (11.1%). It is important to understand the reason for disparities in first authors' affiliation with northern/ rural and other universities in Ontario. At the same time, it is interesting to see how the primary affiliation on first authors and the location of research are related as demonstrated in Tables 1a and 1b further below.



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