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Urban Physical Environments and Health Inequalities

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The Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI), March 8, 2011

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".....This report explores two aspects of the urban physical environment known to negatively affect health: outdoor air pollution and heat extremes. This report shows that those who are already more vulnerable to poor health may be at increased risk of being exposed to the effects of air pollution and heat extremes because of the areas in which they live.

The literature review and new analyses examine hospitalization rates for respiratory and circulatory diseases in relation to residential distance from a pollution-emitting facility and use Toronto and Montréal as case studies to explore the relationship between heat extremes and hospitalizations for respiratory and circulatory diseases. ...."

Table of Contents

Project Team
Executive Summary


  • How Is This Report Organized?
  • Who Is This Report For?
  • Notes on Terminology and Methodology

Outdoor Air Pollution,Socio-Economic Status and Health Inequalities

  • Chapter Overview
  • Sources of Air Pollution in Urban Environments
  • Distribution of Sources of Outdoor Air Pollution in Relation to Area Socio-Economic Status
  • Outdoor Air Pollution and Health Inequalities
  • Chapter Summary and Key Messages

Heat Extremes, Socio-Economic Status and Health Inequalities

  • Chapter Overview
  • Factors Contributing to Vulnerability During Heat Extremes
  • Heat and the Urban Physical Environment
  • Mitigating Strategie
  • Chapter Summary and Key Messages


Limitations and Directions for Future Research
Upcoming Work on the Urban Physical Environment and Health Inequalities

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Media Advisory


Series Urban Physical Environments and Health Inequalities


Source: PAHO/WHO

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