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Forgotten Families: Globalization and the Health of Canadians

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Ronald Labonté,Canada Research Chair, Globalization and Health Equity, Institute of Population Health, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Vol. 2(2) 2010 Transdisciplinary Studies in Population Health Series

PDFAvailable online as PDF [209p.] at:

Key GHC Research Questions:

  • What are the major causal pathways by which globalization affects or is likely to affect health, health disparities and the determinants of health in Canada, with special reference to families with children in low-income households in metropolitan areas?
  • How does globalization affect the international context in which Canada must address health equity and determinants of health?
  • How effectively has Canadian public policy responded to the challenges for health outcomes and determinants of health presented by globalization?
  • What demonstrably effective best practices to avoid or mitigate the potentially negative health effects of globalization can be identified from the experience of other countries?
  • What are the key policy entry points for addressing the impact of globalization on health disparities in the future?

Researchers involved in this multi-year project (2006-2011) come from varied backgrounds, including geography, political science, psychology, biostatistics, sociology, economics, anthropology, women’s studies, education and medicine. This pluralism is reflected in the content and methods used by the different contributors to this volume; and in the range of inferences and conclusions they independently reach that bear on the GHC research network’s basic questions. We cannot claim that each contribution represents a transdisciplinary effort, in the sense of creating a novel understanding of the phenomena under investigation. Rather, the Conference and the revised contributions gathered in this monograph are the beginning of a transdisciplinary approach: a multidisciplinary conversation around a shared concern (globalization and health equity) and how better to understand it.


Overview of the Monograph

The contributions to this monograph break into two parts. Part 1 provides a comparative perspective, drawing in experiences of health and welfare policy reforms from other parts of the world; while Part 2 begins to drill down into the Canadian experiences …”

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